Getting Your House Ready to Sell

INTRODUCTION: Emotion vs. Reason

When conversing with real estate agents, you will often discover that when they’re discussing buying real estate with you, they will often refer to your purchase as a home.  Yet, if you’re selling property, many times real estate agents will refer to it as a house. It might seem redundant, but there is a good reason for this.  When you’re buying real estate, it’s often a very emotional decision.  But if you’re selling real estate, it’s very important to remove your own emotional attachments to your property.

When it comes time to selling your house, it’s helpful to think of it now as a marketable commodity, like oil or gold.  Property and real estate are extremely valuable, marketable commodities in the American economy.  When selling your Colorado home, our goal is to get potential buyers to see it as their potential Colorado home… not yours.  If a seller does not take steps to consciously remove their own emotional attachments to the home or property that they’re selling, they can inadvertently create an undesirable situation where it takes longer to sell that particular property.

Next, we’ll take a look at the first step in getting your home ready to sell, to de-personalize it.