Past Sales

We could go on and on and on about The Hagre Group and why we are different than other real estate teams out there. And we could provide an endless assortment of articles about the real estate business and lot of tips for buying or selling a home. But the reality is, nothing will be more insightful for you than sharing the successful results that we have achieved for our clients.

Experience is Everything

As a full-time real estate team, we’re dedicated to providing a quality experience for you from start to finish. Using aggressive marketing strategies, thorough negotiation techniques and an attention to even the most seemingly-minute detail, our goal at The Hagre Group is your complete satisfaction with the real estate transaction. We believe that your experience is absolutely everything that matters.

4809 S Pierson CourtLittleton$417,000
14152 E Linvale PlaceAurora$244,000
15976 Pine Valley RoadPine$470,000
11401 W Roxbury PlaceLittleton$520,000
5755 W Iliff DriveLakewood$470,000
6839 S Webster StreetLittleton$315,000
8079 Miller CircleArvada$330,000
15391 Quandary Peak TrailPine$759,000
4381 E Andover AvenueCastle Rock$303,000
5932 McIntyre CourtGolden$631,250
7564 S Mount MarcyLittleton$385,000
901 Mount Rose WayGolden$895,000
10457 Tallberg LaneConifer$250,000
11905 W 56th DriveArvada$436,000
9067 W Arizona WayLakewood$304,000
7503 W Euclid DriveLittleton$305,000
6795 Old Ranch TrailLittleton$495,000
9634 Fox Den DriveLittleton$331,000
3108 Moonshadow LaneEvergreen$596,500
7725 Blue Water DriveCastle Rock$364,100
7749 Waverly MountainLittleton$369,000
15391 Quandary Peak TrailPine$680,000
2540 E 123rd AvenueDenver$336,000
9546 W Avalon Drive9546 W Avalon DriveLittleton$565,000
9538 W San Juan Circle #202Littleton$212,500
Front Exterior - 435 N Carlton StreetCastle Rock$272,500
19608 E Bates AvenueAurora$226,000
1973 Columbine CourtGolden$652,000
16791 W 48th LaneGolden$761,112
18986 W 55th Circle 418986 W 55th CircleGolden$629,000
11402 Red Cloud Peak11402 Red Cloud PeakLittleton$332,000
13462 Shoshone StreetWestminster$277,000
5746 E 113th PlaceThornton$211,500
7891 S Jasper Way7891 S Jasper WayEnglewood$354,500
11905 W 56th DriveArvada$376,215
25861 E Orchard Drive25861 E Orchard DriveAurora$462,600
4946 Crawford Gulch Road 0274946 Crawford Gulch RoadGolden$750,000
9580 W 51st AvenueArvada$261,500
1535 S Florence Way #401Aurora$152,500
1520 S Florence Way #101Aurora$148,000
9310 Pierce StreetWestminster$151,000
11977 W Aqueduct Drive 00111977 W Aqueduct DriveLittleton$280,000
2656 S Leyden StreetDenver$410,000
6734 W Rowland Circle6734 W Rowland CircleLittleton$349,000
39 E Dory Drive 00139 E Dory DriveBlack Hawk$360,000
7749 Waverly MountainLittleton$322,500
16195 E Exposition DriveAurora$184,900
26039 McCiver CircleConifer$273,000
440 Sunrise DriveGolden$586,357
15588 E Nassau DriveAurora$193,000
9746 Newland CourtWestminster$265,500
8890 Redwing AvenueLittleton$378,000
8924 S Round Rock Street 0018924 S Round Rock StreetHighlands Ranch$238,000
1973 Columbine CourtGolden$485,000
7769 Waverly MountainLittleton$377,500
8923 S Round Rock StreetHighlands Ranch$240,000
15976 Pine Valley RoadPine$355,000
7849 S Waverly Mountain 0017849 S Waverly MountainLittleton$295,000
10689 W Dartmouth AvenueLakewood$132,000
11402 Red Cloud PeakLittleton$272,500
7164 Rafter RoadFranktown$222,000
5226 S Jellison StreetLittleton$215,000
4809 S Pierson CourtLittleton$270,000
15639 E Eldorado DriveAurora$170,000
2657 Cove Creek CourtHighlands Ranch$290,000
275 Quail Ridge DriveHighlands Ranch$207,000
3935 Chase StreetWheat Ridge$235,000
13388 W 25th PlaceGolden$282,400
3405 W 126th PlaceBroomfield$311,900
11977 W Aqueduct DriveLittleton$259,900
7769 Waverly MountainLittleton$400,000
2841 Rockbridge DriveHighlands Ranch$630,000
7739 S Waverly MountainLittleton$388,000
3111 Eagle Butte AvenueFrederick$256,000
5312 S Jellison StreetLittleton$199,900
5226 S Jellison StreetLittleton$215,500
13055 W Arlington PlaceLittleton$380,000
394 Colorow RoadGolden$500,000
7327 S Piney PeakLittleton$231,900
9634 Fox Den Drive9634 W Fox Den DriveLittleton$249,900
4155 W Rutgers PlaceDenver$185,500
7183 S Owens StreetLittleton$358,000
6054 W Prentice AvenueLittleton$279,950
802 S Vance Street #BLakewood$154,000
2784 S Eaton WayDenver$247,000
18986 W 55th CircleGolden$471,350
2696 Jason CourtErie$245,000
5381 S Harlan WayLittleton$338,000
8367 Briar Trace WayCastle Rock$399,584
551 S Newland StreetLakewood$230,000
6054 W Prentice AvenueLittleton$269,000
9048 W Dartmouth PlaceLakewood$134,000
6414 Deframe CourtArvada$275,000
7659 Platte Canyon DriveLittleton$337,000
10637 Cedarcrest CircleHighlands Ranch$317,593
10689 W Dartmouth AvenueLakewood$154,000
7586 Chase StreetArvada$220,000
8396 Drew Hill RoadGolden$210,000
6548 W Fair DriveLittleton$242,500
4804 Laurelglen LaneHighlands Ranch$260,000
6799 Zenobia Loop #3Westminster$174,900
13907 Saint Paul StreetThornton$280,000
9643 W Chatfield Avenue #CLittleton$145,500
8317 S Pierce WayLittleton$221,000
7327 S Piney PeakLittleton$212,000
7779 S Waverly MountainLittleton$305,000
9520 W Fairview AvenueLittleton$210,000
6448 W Clifton PlaceLittleton$235,000
275 Quail Ridge CircleHighlands Ranch$197,000
13908 Saint Paul StreetThornton$250,380
6327 S Independence StreetLittleton$212,000
9643 W Chatfield Avenue #BLittleton$161,900
9787 W Nova AvenueLittleton$264,000
6239 S Garrison StreetLittleton$226,800
10147 Wyandott Circle NThornton$229,500
8318 S Independence Circle #104Littleton$162,500