Home Staging Services

When you’re selling a home, making sure that it’s properly staged is extremely important. A staged home will not only appeal to a broader amount of prospective buyers, it will likely sell for more money, too! We’ve put together a list of several staging professionals in the Denver area who can make sure your home looks it’s best inside and out.

Atmosphere Homestyle
Teri Carr leads a dedicated team of design professionals that specialize in creating environments that are welcoming and inviting. Their philosophy is that your home should be a sanctuary, and a place that you'll love to come home to.
Phone: 303-990-2623
Colorado Premier Staging
There is an art to preparing a home to maximize it's value and provide it with the best appeal. Teri Clardy will work with you to identify the areas in your home that need work and provide you with recommendations to make your home memorable to prospective buyers.
Phone: 303-263-5354